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Get Ready For Next-Level Clean!

Cleans Brightens Protects


Formulated with safe, and eco-friendly compounds, Next Level Wheel & Tire Cleaner will gently clean all tires and wheels, including clear-coated, powder-coated, chrome, alloy, and painted wheels.

This specialized formula removes heavy brake dust, browning, road grime, and more! It will also clean and restore white wall tires and letters back to factory color. 

Some high-alkaline and acid-based wheel cleaners can be harmful to your wheels' clear-coated finish and can do severe permanent damage but Next Level Wheel & Tire Cleaner is safe and effective with no harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners!

Safe. Eco-Friendly. Made in the USA

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CAUTION: Harmful or fatal if swallowed.


EYES: Flush liberally with water for 15 minutes. SKIN: Wash with soap and water.

SWALLOWING: DO NOT induce vomiting. Dilute by giving glass of milk or water. Seek immediate medical attention.

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