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One of my first memories of car care was as a child when I laid eyes on a beautiful shiny Porsche 928. As a big fan of European cars, I was ecstatic and went over to get a closer look. Today, I still remember my dad quickly saying “Don’t touch that car, you’ll get fingerprints on it.” It was right then I learned the importance of keeping a car spotless!

Soon after, my dad taught me how to detail a car inside and out. Keeping with that tradition, I’ve spent many weekends proudly hand washing and detailing my cars over the years. After trying so many different products, I felt there was room for improvement. That’s why I started Next Level Car Care Company.

With years of research, development, and product testing, Next Level delivers the finest in car care products. Next Level Car Care is for the individual who still believes in good quality hand washing and drying of their vehicle, instead of driving it through the auto wash. Because it’s more than just a clean car, it’s about being proud of that car!

Jim Hamilton - CEO | Next Level Car Care


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